Competitive Dance is a popular widespread activity in which competitors perform  dances in any permitted dance style – such as acro, ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern and tap – before a panel of judges.  Dance Competition Companies / Teams perform at regional competitions and are comprised of students ranging in age from about seven to eighteen years old.  Typically, dance schools arrange for their classes to compete as groups; however, some dance students can and do compete solo or in small groups, as well as with their entire dance school groups.

The regional competitions are usually held in high school auditoriums or other venues that can accommodate a stage and space for the judges and audience.  These venues are rented for a time period of one to four consecutive days depending on how many dancers are scheduled to compete.  The competitions start early in the morning and continue until the evening.

Participation in competitions is dependent on dancers being able to execute each dance up to the standard of their team.

Dancers must be physically fit because competitive dance is demanding, even for shorter pieces.  Therefore, dancers must train continually, working on and improving their technique, balance, stamina, strength and flexibility.  Competitive Dance requires a great deal of dedication as it takes months of practicing, learning routines and preparing for competitions.

                     The DHTW Competition Dance Teams are under the direction of :

                                Jenn Kwaak & Nicole Koerner & Kourtney Lamantia


(No Exceptions Will Be Made).

Dancers who make the DHTW Competition Dance Team are required to take the following  classes per week:

  • Advanced Junior Team :  Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Ballet & Hip Hop.
  • Advanced Petite Team:  Jazz ,Tap, Lyrical, Ballet & Hip Hop.
  • Petite Team: Jazz,Tap, Lyrical, Ballet & Hip Hop.
  • Mini Team: Jazz,Tap, Lyrical, Ballet & Hip Hop.
  • Hip Hop Team: 14 years old and up : 2 hours per week.


Participating in team classes does not guarantee that you will be able to preform in all competition routines that DHTW teams enter into. If the directors feel that a dancer is not able to carry out the choreography assigned to a specific dance for for competition it is at their discretion to hold back that dancer from competing.

All team dancers will participate in DHTW end of year Performance in all Pieces.

If a dancer drops out of any of the above mentioned classes, they will automatically be dropped from the Competition Dance Team WITHOUT a 

Fees for the above listed classes can be found under the “Tuition” page:


There is a $20 audition fee for all TW Dance Teams.

Each Competition charges their own fee per dance per child. Please note, DHTW has no say or control about these fees.

All Competition Fees are non-refundable, regardless of reason.

Solo, Duet, Trio, and Quad dances require a separate fee.

Every competition routine require a separate costume purchase.

Fees for Team Costumes will vary with style & for each different Team.

The DHTW Competition Dance Teams will attend a minimum of 1 Competition per year.

Extra Rehearsal fees are $10 per rehearsal.  Company members are required to attend competition rehearsals which may be held on different days from which they normally take class.  In addition, it is MANDATORY for ALL competing dancers to attend their classes during competition week.  Any absence may result in pulling your child from the competition WITHOUT a refund.

Competition companies make their own schedules (times and days).  It is important that you note dancers may only compete on one day, or they may have to attend a competition on multiple days.  Further, the schedule for the competition day is usually sent to us the Monday prior to the actual competition, and it is always subject  to change. You will need to keep competition weekends completely open.

Transportation to and from the competitions is not provided by DHTW.

Parents and students who audition for the DHTW Competition Dance Team should do so with a full understanding of the commitment and requirements that this prestigious program obligates them to.  We are very proud of our award winning teams, and due to their successes, this programs is growing and motivating new students to work hard in their dance studies.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jenn Kwaak: or Laura Stein:, or call 516.484.6604.