Performance 2024

                         Performances are week of  June 3rd through June 6th

Tickets  Are available for purchase Wednesday, March 20th 2024


                                                                               Performance 2024

                    Maguire Theater on SUNY Old Westbury Campus.



** DIRECTIONS (See the Map Below)

  • From the Long Island Expressway: Exit 41 North – Where the road forks, stay in your left lane Route #107.  1 ½ miles north of the L.I.E., at the light, make a left at the light onto the campus.  Follow the signs to the Campus Center, which is where the Maguire Theater is.
  • From Northern Boulevard: Head south on Route #107.  At the campus, turn right, and follow the signs to the Campus Center, which is where the Maguire Theater is.
  • If you’ve never been to the Maguire Theater, we suggest you take a trial drive. It’s a nice drive, and you will have peace of mind on the day of the rehearsal and show, as well as insure that you will be on time.
  • Tickets are $25 each ( Please request a comp ticket for siblings if they are in different shows.) All families will be charged a $15 video fee. You will receive a password to download all Performances to you computer. This way you can sit back and enjoy the show and have a high def version sent to your computer….




  • Please be on time………….
  • All 6:00 show students must arrive at the Theater @ 3:30pm for Rehearsal.
  • 7:30pm show please arrive at the Theater @ 7:00pm
  • Black Pony Tail Elastics ONLY for all students regardless of color of costume
  • No jewelry or expensive games – DHTW is not responsible for personal property
  • Send your child in full costume and make-up
  • If applicable, nude bras under costumes
  • Send your child with a clean nutritious snack and water. We don’t want any upset children if they get something on themselves; ‘ie,’ no cheese doodles or grape juice. NO NUTS, or NUT PRODUCTS, some children have allergies.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to call Laura Stein at: 484.6604, or email