Studio Space Available for Rent

• Bright Modern Studios
• Upscale Location – Wheatley Plaza – Greenvale, NY
• Attract More Clients
• Increase Your Revenues

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Studio Rental Form
Studio Rental Form

All teachers & clients renting studio space @ TW’s facility are required to keep an active credit card on file. Studio rental is by the hour. 2 students or less is $25 per hour. At 3 students the rate goes to $10 per student per class unless other arrangements are made with management. There is a 24 hour cancelation policy for all studio rentals. Fees for rentals are due at time of use and will be processed automatically. At the discretion of TW’s if a rental is not cancelled 24 hours by email sent to in advance a $25 fee will be charged. I agree to all Two Worlds Policies for Studio Rentals. *