Studio Space Available for Rent

• Bright Modern Studios
• Upscale Location – Wheatley Plaza – Greenvale, NY
• Attract More Clients
• Increase Your Revenues

For More Information Please Email Laura Stein:




Studio Rental Form
Studio Rental Form

As of 8/1/2022 All teachers & clients renting studio space @ TW’s facility are required to keep an active credit card on file. Studio rental is by the hour. 1 or 2 clients is $25 per hour. 3 clients or more are $12 each per hour. Fees for studio rentals are due at time of use and will be processed automatically. Studio Rentals if not cancelled 24 hours in advance by email sent to will be charged a $25 fee. I agree to all Two Worlds Policies for Studio Rentals. *
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