Dave Concannon - Director Two Worlds Gym

Dave earned a B.S. in Physical Education from Adelphi University. He is certified as a Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine, as well as an Ignite 360 Sports Performance Specialist from IMG Academy. Other certifications include: Youth Fitness Specialist, by the American Academy of Health and Fitness, TRX Suspension Trainer Youth Speed and Agility Specialist, - IYCA, FMS (Functional Movement Screen), Advanced Functional Trainer, Female Athletic Training Specialist - Athletes Acceleration. Dave is the Fitness Director at Two Worlds, which he has called his home for the past 25 years. His clients range from adolescents, high school and college students, pro athletes, men, women and seniors.

Dave's experience is vast, in addition to serving as the Fitness Director of Two Worlds he was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the two-time Heavyweight Champion of the World boxer, Shannon Briggs, as well as the Strength and Conditioning coach for the LIU Post Mens collegiate Lacrosse team. Dave is an accomplished award winning bodybuilder, including the American Natural Bodybuilding Conference's United States Overall Championship. As a result of his successes, Dave has been featured in over 40 fitness publications, videos and magazines. He believes that the significant key to achievement and success in health, wellness and fitness is ''consistency in effort to the desired goal."

Nicio Evertz

A former marine, Nincio is accredited with the American Sports and Fitness Association. While serving in the marines, he honed his specialties in personal training, boot camp workouts and Indoor Obstacle Courses. Nincio is married and has one son and a dog. He enjoys practicing and teaching Martial Arts.

Nathan Blake

Nathan connects with his students through his energetic creativity. His “Blake Experience,” and “Body By Blake” combine dance and workout for a unique exhilarating experience.

Besides his dance based classes, he also teaches is own stylized version of KickBoxing. Nathan is invited to teach his unique master classes throughout the United States.

Anthony Giallanzo

Anthony is an accredited Certified Personal Trainer, with an A.F.A.A.and ACSM certification. He is a USA Trained Amateur Boxer, level 2 Kettlebell Certified Instructor through Cultivated Strength, and Certified TRX Suspension Training Specialist. Anthony has a BA degree in Educaction, from Long Island University, where he was an Adjunct Professor for the Department of Physical Education, as well as the Personal Training Manager and Group Fitness Instructor for the school's recreation center.

His passion for health and wellness led him to create strenght and conditioning programs for their lacrosse, softball, volleyball, equestrian teams, along with the students and faculty. Anthony takes on the challenge of designing custom programs for all of his clients.

"My goal as a personal trainer is to create a relationship with my clients that provides motivation and inspiration to help them sucessfully reach the goals in their lives."

Lori Glatt

Lori is a certified cycling instructor. She enjoys motivating her adult, teen and tween classes to go that extra mile.

When she isn’t in her Xrcycle room, Lori can be found keeping fit in the gym.

Rhonda Johnson

Rhonda has passionately worked for over 35 years with diverse populations from beginners to professional athletes, ages 8-95 years young.

Her extensive knowledge of alignment and therapeutic movement mechanics has been cultivated through teaching in personal training, group fitness and yoga/meditation classes and workshops.

Fueled by her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Exercise Physiology and dance, AFAA/NASM and 500+ yoga alliance certifications, Rhonda continues her ongoing education in a two year ZEN YOGA training upstate.

Pete Palotti

Pete is an enthusiastic interval step and kick boxing instructor, as well as a certified personal trainer He motivates his students to work hard and succeed.

Lancelot Theobold

Lancelot, a former professional football player, studied dance at Steps on Broadway, the Broadway Dance Center and Alvin Ailey.

He has performed on Broadway and at the Metropolitan Opera, as well as in movies and television. Besides choreographing for the Knick’s City Dancers, Lancelot is also executive producer and actor.

MaryEllen Dankenbrink

MaryEllen is an experienced: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist, ISSA Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, Certified USA Olympic Lifting Sports Performance Coach. She is also a a competitive USA Track and Field athlete, and a USA Amateur Boxing athlete.

MaryEllen has extensively studied anatomy & physiology, kinesiology, and biomechanics, "My goal as a trainer is to empower people enabling them to make behavioral habits for a new and healthier lifestyle!".

Tina Esswein

Tina is a fitness professional with over twenty years of experience working with men and women of all ages. Her expertise helps them retain strength, vitality and wellness as they get older.

Her success is the result of the personalized training regimens and programs tailored to her clients specific needs and goals. Tina considers herself be a no-nonsense trainer and an emotionally uplifting coach.

As a professional trainer, “my goal is to ensure that my clients are in the best body and mind to succeed and live happily in their everyday life.”