Payment Is Due The First Day Of Class
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Classes per weekAnnual Tuition
Per class
First Payment
Per class
(minus $100 deposit)
2nd per class
Payment Due
November 27
*after August 8th first payment is due to register
$395 plus costume fee & video fee $15
2$1690$1050$640 plus costume fee & video fee $15
3$2510$1600$910 plus costume fee & video fee$15
4$3450$1900$1550 plus costume fee & video fee $15
Costume Fees:XSm - Intermediate Ch
Medium Ch- Adult Med
$130 per costume
$150 per costume


Class hours
per week
Annual TuitionFirst Auto Payment
(minus deposit)
2nd Auto Payment Due
December 1st
5 hours$3,990$2,200$1,790
2 hours$1690$1050$640

A TRIAL CLASS is available for $28 per class

  • A dancer taking one class is $890 for the DHTW dance school year.
  • If you are taking more than 1 class, classes are discounted for the school year.
  • Tuition Does Not Include Costumes, Performance Tickets,Workshops or Rehearsal Fees for Special Performances.
  • Performance Costumes : $130 XSm - Intermediate Child
  •                                                  $150 Med Child & Large Child & UP
  • Costume Fees are to paid with 2nd Tuition payment .
  • Competition Costumes Fees to be determined by Team.
  • Competition Fees along with Team Costumes Fees will be paid in January.
  • All Performance Dancers will pay a $15 video fee per family. You will receive a pass code and all performances will be available for download to your computer or IPad device.
  • First payment is due on the first day of class, please deduct your deposit from this payment. Second payment due December1st. Enrollment is for the entire academic dance school year.