Payment Is Due The First Day Of Class
For Your Convenience, We Accept:  Cash, Checks, Visa, Master Card & American Express

Classes per weekAnnual Tuition
Per class
First Payment
Per class
(minus $100 deposit)
2nd per class
Payment Due
November 20
*after August 8th first payment is due to register


Class hours
per week
Annual TuitionFirst Payment
(minus deposit)
2nd Payment Due
December 10th
5 hours$3,650$2,100$1,550
2 hours$1520$950$550

A TRIAL CLASS is available for $25 per class

  • A dancer taking one class is $790 for the DHTW dance school year.
  • If you are taking more than 1 class, classes are $750 each class for the school year.
  • Tuition Does Not Include Costumes, Performance Tickets,Workshops or Rehearsal Fees for Special Performances.
  • Performance Costumes : $98 XSm - XLg Child & $108 Ad Sm & Up
  • Competition Costumes Fees to be determined by class.
  • All Performance Dancers will pay a $15 video fee. You will receive a pass code and all performances will be available for download to your computer or IPad device.
  • First payment is due on the first day of class, please deduct your deposit from this payment. Second payment due November 20th. Enrollment is for the entire academic dance school year.